Ever since George Clooney and his 136kg pot-bellied pig Max made headlines as one of the world’s most famous (and longest-running) celebrity–pet, pigs have waddled their way into the mainstream as domestic pets. We reckon pigs make great pets – here are just a few reasons why.

They're extremely intelligent

Pigs are smart and require about the same amount of training as a domestic dog. That means, if you spend a good amount of time teaching them good behaviour, they can be great companions who abide by house rules. If you don't believe us,

doing tricks for raisins...

They live long lives
Clooney's beloved pig Max lived until he was 19. In general, pot-bellied pigs live between 12 to 18 years, meaning you and the family can enjoy your porcine pal for (hopefully) a good, long time.


They're affectionate
Okay, so pigs may not show their affection by jumping up and licking you on their face like dogs do but they are affectionate animals. While pot-bellied pigs don't like being picked up, they'll happily lay with you, love cuddles and enjoy the general company of humans.

They make fast friends
This isn't true of all pet pigs but many find it very easy to get along with other animals - particularly cats (as long as the cat is obliging). Don't believe us? Check out Eleanor Pigby and her best friend Edith the cat.
Two pigs are better than one
It's been proved pigs do better around other pigs - and while a single pig can make a great companion, two pigs can ensure your pig is happier and is on its best behaviour as it comes into maturity. Many pig owners report two are better than one, keeping them happier and healthier in a domestic environment.