For most mums-to-be, hiring a birth photographer is an exciting part of preparing for the arrival of their baby. But a woman berated by a photographer when she asked about capturing her child's birth via caesarean has sparked outrage from fellow mums.

The unnamed woman shared a screen shot of a conversation she had with a birth photographer. Posted to the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk, the message exchange shows while the mum-to-be attempted to defend herself, the photographer responded to her inquiry with a series of cruel comments:

This is not okay would love to know who this photographer is! 😑😑😑😑😑😑 ! Moms who have had a C-section you're just as much...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Saturday, 25 February 2017

"A surgery isn't birth my dear. You aren't giving birth. You have a surgery to remove your baby from your abdomen, That is not birth no matter how you swing it and I for one don't want to be there to take pictures of it."

Not waiting for a reply, they follow it up with a second, insulting message: "If you decide to give motherhood a go from the get, let me know and we can schedule your session."


Fellow mums were quick to jump to the pregnant woman's defence with consoling comments such as: "Moms who have had a C-section you're just as much a damn good mother as anyone. How you gave birth and you did certainly give birth does not determine your worth as a mom.#stopmomshaming."

Another shared her own C-section experience, writing: "Wow! As a C-section mom this makes me so sad! My daughter was breech and my OB opted for a C-section at 37 weeks due to pre-eclampsia! Turns out she was breech because her cord wasn't long enough for her to turn. Had I attempted to turn her or deliver her it would not have worked unless the cord broke and most of us know how that ends."

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