They call him Plumber Dan, and he's fast gaining a reputation for organising events like this raft race down Wanganui River, to raise money for charity.

This time Plunket was the charity of choice, and people went all out.

"We are representing Kowhainui Rest Home for the elderly. We will win best dressed, we have just got to make it to the finish line," says Angela Munroe, Captain of the Kowhainui raft.

However, some hadn't tested their rafts.

"We made it into a catamaran type machine and hopefully its good luck and will float. We haven't tried it yet," says Charlie Rei, Captain of SS Veolia.

And although the trolls won best dressed, they didn't take an award for their building skills.

It's the third event organised by Plumber Dan on the river. The last, a rubber duck race, was also a hit with the crowds.