Forget lemon and sugar or honey and berries - this year pancakes have a little more fizz about them.

For decadent prosecco-spiked pancakes - topped with strawberries and cream - are set to be the trendy Shrove Tuesday choice next week.

The recipe, launched by wine cafe chain Veeno, suggests that Britain's love affair with the Italian sparkling wine shows no sign of going flat.

In it, Veeno not only suggests mixing prosecco with the batter, but also using the tipple as a sweet, boozy syrup to drizzle over the pancakes, which are served with strawberries and cream.


Nino Caruso, co-founder of Veeno, said: "We have a huge demand from our customers who want anything in a prosecco form. We want to explain to and educate the customers, but prosecco pancakes are also about having fun and an experience you can recreate at home."

Mr Caruso added that the chain was also working on a prosecco tasting menu, as well as using the fizz in other dishes such as tiramisu.

The recipe requires 4tbsp of the wine in the actual batter, which is whisked into flour, baking powder, buttermilk and eggs. A further 150ml is needed for the syrup, which is made by reducing the prosecco in a pan with 150g sugar.

Many food and drink retailers have capitalised on the thirst for prosecco-flavoured products, putting the tipple in anything from sweets to cosmetics.

Last summer Ocado launched a range of prosecco ice pops, while in winter Aldi sold prosecco-flavoured tea.

And as well as an abundance of chocolates, sweets, and popcorn, there are even prosecco-flavoured lip balms and soaps.

And as well as sweet treats, the drink is now spilling its way into savoury recipes, such as one for chicken casserole with prosecco and shallots.