You may think it's craptacular, but it seems we are entering into a new brondes age - according to the dictionary, anyway.

For these are two of the 300 new words that have been added to the online database Oxford Dictionaries this year.

'Bronde' - used to describe hair that is dyed both blonde and brunette - is one of several health and beauty related terms that have made it into the directory, which is a sister version of the printed Oxford English Dictionary.

Also included is 'fitspiration', an image or person that inspires someone to improve their fitness, and 'HIIT,' or high-intensity interval training, a workout that is done in short sharp bursts.


However, many of the words that are now considered to be everyday English are not so positive. 'Craptacular', meaning remarkably poor or disappointing, will take its place in the database with 'haterade', a merging of American sport drink 'Gatorade' and the word 'hate', and refers to excessive criticism.

'Clicktivism' is used for activism carried out from the comfort of one's home via social media, while to 'otherize' a person or group of people means to view or treat them as alien to oneself.

All these words are popular on social media and emerged during the race to the White House, said Angus Stevenson, Oxford Dictionaries' head of content.

However, although the definitions have been added to the online database, it can take as long as ten years for a new word to be recognised in the printed OED.