Family members seeking home-based caregivers for their loved ones can now find help via a recently launched app.

MyCare is changing the way people find support in New Zealand.

Not only is the online mobile marketplace helping people to find support in their own community - but it has also built tools to help them manage their ongoing care needs.

Using the MyCare app, it is possible for clients to go online to review care worker profiles and find the person who best suits their needs.


The business was born from the personal experience of its managing director Mark Jeffries.

He had difficulty finding appropriate caregivers for his elderly parents when they struggled to look after themselves.

"Put simply, I felt we needed a service to connect people who need at-home care with the right providers," Jeffries said. "Who comes into your home is an intensely personal thing as people can need help with showering and getting dressed."

The MyCare app is proving popular. Thousands are using it already, Jeffries said.

"We are happy to use the power and ubiquity of the internet to make this process easier, not just for people requiring homecare but also for carers looking for work."