Anyone who has been cheated on knows only too well how heartwrenching it can be but many people are blind to the signs.

Relationship experts do, however, believe adulterers possess some very subtle personality traits - and once you know how to spot them, you can save yourself time and heartbreak.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Olga Levancuka, author of How To Be Selfish, said: "Even though spotting the person who is more likely to cheat can be tricky, there are certain subtle traits that set cheaters apart from loyal partners."

The sooner you can identify these traits, the sooner you can take steps to move on and protect yourself from getting hurt.


Here, she and fellow expert Gary Amers share the signs to look out for.


1. They're self-absorbed

Most cheaters tend to be narcissists or at least share many similar qualities. If your other half is self-absorbed and lacks empathy, then he or she is more likely to cheat as the attention and admiration they will get from a new love interest will be more important than your feelings and needs.

2. They're insecure

Insecurity is also a common trait of cheaters. Unfortunately their need to feel loved and have their other half's constant attention can be what leads them to cheat. They are scared that they are not good enough or that they will end up alone, which is why they will try and have a back-up plan.

3. They're greedy

People who are more likely to cheat always seem to think that the grass is greener on the other side, which is why they might end up exploring other options in their attempt to "strike a better deal" for themselves.

4. They accuse you of cheating

Because they have the urge to cheat, they will think you are the same and will get paranoid whenever you look at someone else or give someone a compliment.

What your partner sees in you, can only be a reflection of their own thoughts, behaviours and actions. Honest, reliable partners never doubt you, because they do not doubt themselves.

5. They're flirts

Cheaters often flirt with everyone, even when you are together. They get a buzz out of the flirtatious exchange and they perceive it as an invitation for more. This need for validation and feeling desired can eventually lead them to cheat on you.

6. They're deceptive

If you've caught them lying before, then you need to be careful as this indicates the extent of their moral code. Not all liars are cheaters but cheaters are always liars.