“It’s too hot outside and I’ve run out of rosé!” screamed my friend via text recently. “Don’t fret,” I replied, “these three bottles will be with you, pronto!”

La Prima Vita Rosé 2015 $18

You know that classic flavour of biting into a strawberry that's juuuuuust on the cusp of ripeness? That's exactly what you'll get in your first sip.

Ballet-shoe pink and packed with basil and black-currant leaf loveliness, it's dry, snappy and supple on the finish. Cinsault and grenache-based, it's classy-cool, like Madonna's 'Vogue' routine running through your mouth, if I'm honest.

Sip with: old school prawn cocktail with iceberg lettuce and lemon.


ChAteau Riotor Rosé 2015 $20

If you prefer your rosé with a bit of meat on its bones, this is your thing Chandler Bing. Chateau Riotor is located in the heart of the Massif des Maures region in Provence and this spicy, earthy rosé is crafted from a blend of grenache, cinsault and syrah. Cranberry, redcurrant, juicy plum and hints of herbaceousness combine with a puff of pink peppercorn to leave layers of complexity on the finish. It's tangy, taut and terrifically balanced.

Sip super-chilled with: salmon terrine.

Escarpment Nina Rosé 2016 $24

Larry McKenna is the high priest of pinot noir and every iteration he turns his hand to tends to err on the excellent side. This is the first time he and his team have crafted a rosé and it's darn lovely, especially if you're driving down the dry end of the road. Boasting gum-tingling acidity, intense red fruit layers and aromas of raspberry leaf, sweet herbs and a lick of spice on the finish.

Sip with: with smoked chicken, brie and cranberry pizza.