A gust of wind briefly disrupted Donald Trump's meeting with Canadian President Justin Trudeau earlier this week, as the two leaders entered the White House. For a split second, the new US President's hair was blown out of place to reveal what some have described as a fake tan line on the leader's forehead.

The meeting has already been mocked on social media for Mr Trump and Mr Trudeau's "awkward" looking handshake, with images from the incident having been turned into popular memes.

This is not the first time Donald Trump's bronzed complexion has been commented upon. At the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, the rapper Busta Rhymes referred to Donald Trump as "President Agent Orange" in his politically charged performance.

Twitter has been alight with comments, videos and memes mocking the President for his apparent poor use of fake tan or failure to fully blend his tangerine-hued make-up.


There is debate as to whether Donald Trump's skin tone is due to a spray-on tan, sunbed or make-up.

"No one knows why his skin is so orange," said Dr. Anthony Rossi, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and assistant professor of clinical dermatology at Cornell University, in an interview with Vocativ.

"The whiteness around the eyes makes you think about the old tanning beds with the goggles," he added.

Jason Kelly, a makeup artist hired to work at 2016's Republican National Convention told Harper's Bazaar, "I know exactly what he does to himself - the tanning bed, the spray tan, he wears the goggles and you can see the hyper-pigmentation around his eyes."

Others Twitter users, however, have used the opportunity to highlight what they view as other controversies relating to the President.

Mr Trump has remained tight-lipped about his bronzed glow; and there is certainly a possibility it could be natural.

Whatever the case, perhaps one solution to the President's problem is stronger hairspray, to prevent future revealing gusts of wind.