You won't be single for long with these suggestions for amour.

Dating is something I know a fair bit about ... I dated quite a lot pre-Bachelor, but being on that show was like dating on roids. It's not that often you bungy off the Harbour Bridge on a first date, or fly in a 1940s plane over Mt Maunganui before rowing a boat around a pond.

Although they were great dates (even though I was nauseous in the plane, as well as needing to pee), when the show ended I was looking forward to NOT dating, rather just hanging out and talking.

My five top tips to impress your date are a little more palatable than a 1940s plane flight, but I like to think there's something for everyone.

1. Pack a picnic

It's an oldie but a goodie, I love a picnic, especially a Valentine's Day picnic! A picnic at dusk on the beach, or in a park, is a sure-fire way to impress your lady. It shows effort and it's a relaxed atmosphere where you can talk to each other without the stiff setting of a fancy restaurant.


2. Grab a bite

If you're taking someone on a first date or it's still early days and you're not really comfortable around each other yet (to cuddle or not to cuddle?) a picnic can be a little awkward. So going out for dinner is definitely a goer.

I prefer fun restaurants with a good atmosphere that aren't too expensive, so you can relax and won't feel guilty about ordering the $45 steak. Places like The Blue Breeze Inn, Mexico, Burger Burger are good options.

3. Take in a flick

Auckland has so many awesome events and places to go, so if it's summer take your lady to an outdoor movie at Silo Park. With a couple of beanbags, blankets and a bottle of wine, you're sure to have a great night. Bonus points if they're playing a rom-com. Who doesn't love a guy who loves rom-coms?

4. Catch a concert at the zoo

Twilight concerts at Auckland Zoo are a great date option. Photo / NZ Herald
Twilight concerts at Auckland Zoo are a great date option. Photo / NZ Herald

Auckland puts on some awesome twilight concerts at the zoo. It doesn't have to be just you and her (again, potential to be awkward if it's early days), you could go with a big group of mates and get to know each other in more of a social setting with good tunes.

5. Head to the islands

If you're keen on a bit of overseas romantic time with your girlfriend, splash out and head to one of the islands. Rarotonga is my favourite place in the Pacific - the people are amazing, and it's so much fun. I would recommend the party bus for a good icebreaker. Art and I went there for a holiday pretty early on in our relationship and had a massive night on that bus ... I believe it really brought us closer together.

Go quad biking and take a kitesurfing lesson too. I feel like I'm just relaying our holiday now ... If you're looking for a relax-and-do-nothing kind of holiday vibe, Fiji is also a great option. If you're staying in the resorts, you can do nothing but lie by the pool and drink cocktails for an entire day, and no one judges you, because that's what everyone else is doing!