Going into hospital can be a stressful experience.

But this hunky nurse is sure to provide a welcome distraction for any anxious patient.
Fran Suarez works in a hospital in Madrid, Spain. And while he is no doubt excellent at his job, it is his social media photos that have made him an internet sensation.

The part-time model and dancer has won more than 50,000 Instagram followers with his charming pictures from work - and steamy changing room selfies.

Some pictures capture Fran smiling with a stethoscope draped around his neck as he prepares for another shift, while others show him cradling small babies who he has apparently helped in hospital.


The social media star also proves he is willing to work hard for his patients, sharing pictures taken on the ward during an overnight shift.

Away from the office, the nurse appears to enjoy coffees and sightseeing with friends - many of whom are also strikingly good looking.

However the images that are likely to set tongues wagging are the topless selfies Mr Suarez snaps in the gym, changing room and elsewhere.

Clearly a fitness fanatic, Mr Suarez frequently posts pictures of him squatting, pressing and lifting his way through intense workouts.

He finishes his gym session with a trip to the showers - a moment he often documents with a selfie, with just a towel preserving his modesty.

When he is not pumping iron, Mr Suarez also works as a dancer and a model, according to his profile.

And he certainly looks very comfortable in front of the camera as he pouts, smiles and poses his way through his photos with ease.