An Instagram star has gone viral after she shared the effort someone put in to steal her identity.

Jessica Hunt regularly posts glamorous selfies to social media. She has over 80,000 Instagram followers and almost 8000 followers on Twitter.

But recently she noticed people have taken to stealing her photos. Well, sort of.

Jessica, from Plymouth, came across a fake profile that had sprung up online using her photos. She could see her house, her body and her clothes - but the face was completely unrecognisable.


"OH MY GOD," She wrote on Twitter. "That is my body and my house but who's face is that!?!? Catfish game is getting silly."

That's right - an internet user had actually taken the trouble to Photoshop a new head onto the girl's body, which would help them avoid detection if the original photo was put into a search engine.

But this time, the catfish was found out.

As creepy as it is, social media users couldn't help but see the funny aside, describing it as "literally art" and "such a good job".

Then, of course, they got creative: