A Hamilton solo mum who wants a better future for her toddler is auctioning tattoo space on her body to pay for her law degree.

Jazz Smith, 27, has offered her skin as a canvas to the highest bidder to cover $4,000 in fees for her first year at Waikato University.

Smith's listing on auction site Trademe, welcomes bidders to pay for the right to have their tattoo on her body.

"You are getting the chance to own a piece of my body with your name, business name, your own design, or hey, even just "brand" me," Smith said.


The mum of 15-month-old daughter Sapphire applied to study law as an adult student and got in.

"I have been interested in detective work and law for a while now and want to give my daughter the best start in life," Smith told the Herald.

"I applied for the law degree and I got in which was amazing."

The high cost of the law papers made Smith realise she needed to get creative if she wanted to avoid student debt.

She also had daycare costs for her daughter as the course is full time.

"I already have seven tattoos and I'm pretty open minded, so I thought it would be a good way to raise the money," she said.

"I would like to be able to say how big the tattoo can be, and there are some places I will say no to."

Smith left school at age 14 but returned at 19 to do her NCEA levels 2 and 3. She said she was looking forward to the four years of study.

"I left school early which was silly, so this is my first time at university."

"I'm really looking forward to it."

Logan Mudge from Trademe said selling body space for tattoos had become "something of a trend".

In 2012 Wellington woman Tina Beznec was paid $12,450 to have the logo of strip club chain Calendar Girls tattooed on her bottom.

Last month another Wellington woman - Bailey Price - travelled to Miami to be tattooed with the name of American singer Sir Ivan Wilzig after she was paid $6,500 to have her butt tattooed.

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Mudge said Trademe members had to be clear they had final right of veto on the tattoo design, size and location.

"Otherwise we wish her well for the auction and her studies," Mudge said.

"This auction will no doubt interest our members and we expect to see heaps of q&a over the next few days."