A woman who's dating a man thirty years younger than her says that she's found her soulmate, in spite of the huge age gap.

Jill Carpenter, 50, from Pittsburg in California, met Eric Langley, 20, on an online dating site last year and the couple have been inseparable ever since, according to the Daily Mail.

When out in public, Carpenter says she proudly flaunts their one-year relationship, holding hands and kissing her handsome beau, despite often being mistaken for his mother.

Carpenter, who runs an animal sanctuary, first started speaking to her future boyfriend online and says she was immediately drawn to his mature profile, which stated he was looking for "the one - not a sugar momma."


After meeting, she was quickly swept off her feet - and loved how romantic Eric is.
She said: "He's very intelligent, is very caring and we have conversations that could go on for hours.

"He's very romantic and says I love you several times a day, he likes to kiss and a lot of men aren't into making out, he also likes to snuggle, it's amazing.

"Plus, we have a great sex life, I think we are real hypersexual, pretty damn freaky for sure."

The reaction from their families was initially tricky. Eric's parents, who are both younger than Jill, initially disapproved of the relationship and thought their son should date someone his 'own age'.

Eric, a student, had other ideas. He says: "Early on I was still kind of shy about showing affection in public, but Jill would grab me and make out in shopping lines more often, then I learned to relax.

Jill and Eric, say they're hypersexual and pretty damn freaky. Photo / Caters
Jill and Eric, say they're hypersexual and pretty damn freaky. Photo / Caters

"People stop and stare at us but we don't care, we are just enjoying the moment.

"I've had to let go of a lot of friends because they didn't understand and even my parents asked me why I can't like someone my own age.'

Eric says he's not sexually attracted to anyone in his own age group and never has been: "I don't see young people as attractive, I like the fact that I'm with a mature lady. Friends and family ask a lot of questions about our sex life and I'm keen to dispel the rumours, me and Jill are very sexually active.

"I wish the stigma would end around that."

The couple say they have mixed responses from the public; some people mistake them as mother and son, others congratulate their age-gap relationship.

Jill added: "Almost every time we go out and start a conversation people assume he's my son. When people realise we're a couple they often say, 'You go girl' and congratulate me.

"If I can tell someone's trying to figure out whether we're a couple I'll slap or squeeze him on the butt or give him a kiss, I think it's funny as hell.

"One time in a grocery store someone said 'Your son is being so helpful', I corrected them immediately and said 'Excuse me, but that's my boyfriend.'"

Eric's parents have now come around to the relationship.

Eric added: 'My parents are both younger than Jill but they've said that since I've been in a relationship with her it has changed me for the better.

"They did ask me if I wouldn't just prefer someone in their 30s and asked why I want to date someone so much older when I have my whole life ahead of me.

"But this relationship feels like it makes sense, we have an age-gap but we're incredibly happy and talk like we have always known one another."

Jill says dating someone younger has encouraged her to face her fears and she's even changed her fashion sense.

She said: "He has helped me to discover I love a lot of things I'd not tried before.

"Before I had a lot of anxiety and was never that adventurous, but with Eric he makes me feel really comfortable.

"Also, before I was never into fashion so he likes to dress me, I love it, it takes the pressure off of me.'

With more the 30-years between the couple, they are aware their courtship could be cut short, despite this they are determined to savour their years together.

Eric adds: "Jill doesn't like me to mention it, but we will have a shorter time together so I want to spend as much time as possible travelling with her.

"Knowing that I could have less time with her is hard to deal with, I met this awesome person but she is older and if all goes well I may not have the time I want to have with her.

"It was love at first sight for me and I know Jill makes me happier than anyone else could."