A disappointed customer has given KFC Australia a spray of epic proportions after purchasing a burger loaded with extra mayonnaise.

Ryan Close posted a picture of the monstrosity to KFC's Facebook page, along with a hilariously crude written complaint that is most definitely NSFW.

The post has since been shared just under 42,000 times and has 78,000 comments and 146,000 likes at the time of writing this story.

"I said "replace the spicy sauce with mayo" not "use all of the Mayo you've ****ing got," Close wrote on the post.


The disgruntled chicken fan asked which employee thought it was OK to give a customer that much mayo on a burger.

"[Which employee] looked at this and said "yep, this is the best burger I've made to date" and then king hit the ****er with mayo," he said.


Close then used a number of inappropriate analogies for his mayonnaise heavy burger.

The viral post ended with the customer leaving one last piece of advice.

"KFC get your f***in act together or we gonna have to square up under the big colonel himself," he wrote.

News.com.au has contacted KFC for comment.