A young Kiwi boy's attempt at the Maori language has earned him an E for effort from his mother who posted his homework answers online.

The 9-year-old boy was asked to write down 10 Maori words as part of his studies into the country's native language.

But it appeared he could only muster four Maori words before turning to popular vocabulary.

The responses started at number six on the list when the primary school child put "Bro" down.


He continued with "cuz", "nek minnit", "Black Power" and "churr".

The popular phrase "nek minnit" was coined by Levi Hawkin who is a skater in South Auckland. Black Power is a reference to a gang and churr means "cheers".

The boy's mother posted a photo of the list to social media - and it went viral.

"That's how Maori's talk man," said one person. "Funny it could have been worse.. Luckily he didn't know the names of the other 9 old school gangs," Lisa Richards said.

The original post received 2700 reactions and was shared 235 times.