What should have been a moment to cherish turned into a disaster when a man proposing to his girlfriend on NBA kiss cam dropped the ring.

The embarrassing moment happened during the Atlanta Hawks' kiss cam segment, when the man is seen kissing his girlfriend before dropping down on one knee.

As he is seen offering the ring, an unknown fan or friend pats him on the back to congratulate him and causes him to drop it in the stands.

Bystanders immediately get up and help the couple frantically search for the ring.


The woman is shown panicking and is seen angrily shooing away the culprit as he tries to help.

It is unknown if the ring is ever recovered.

Although the video has gone viral, some viewers believe the whole incident may have been staged.

"Everybody jumped into action too quick for this to be real," one Facebook user said.

"Very much staged. The Hawks stage things like this during kiss cam all the time," said another.