The Satanic Temple in LA has opened its doors to the public for the first time ever to host a Black Mass.

The demonic affair involved everything from live music, bloodletting and a 45 minute lecture on cats, according to The Sun.

The event was a fundraiser to further the cause of Satan, with VIP tickets costing US$66.60

Members of the sect say they do not believe in a personal Lucifer, but reject superstition and preach rationalism.


The self-proclaimed organised religion's headquarters are in Salem, Massachusetts, with 24 chapters across America.

The event kicked off with a stand up set from Steve Hill, a politician who has stood for the Democratic party.

Guests also heard a lecture on demonic cats by occult expert Dr Paul Koudounaris.

Attendees were invited to join a destruction ritual, followed by an invocation ritual and bloodletting.