Everyone has a favourite colour but a new quiz claims to be able to work out your personality type based on how you respond to a series of hue combinations.

According to certain psychologists, there is a strong association between colour and how people act.

Indeed, the study of colour psychology is crucial for advertisers and marketers who spend hours working out how different colour choices influence consumers.

All you need to do is choose the colour combination that appeals to you most from the three options created by Playbuzz below to determine whether you're outgoing, sparkly or bold.


1. The pink and red colour chart: Outgoing

If the first colour chart appealed to you most, you're outgoing.

Outgoing people are not afraid to be themselves and don't like making apologies for their personality.

They have no problem talking to anyone and other people appreciate that conversations with them are never stunted.

People with this personality type are not afraid to share every part of themselves with the world.

2. The green and blue colour chart: Sparkly

Did you choose the second chart? You're sparkly.

Sparkly personalities have a positive aura about them when they walk into a room.
They always strive to make a good first impression and they are always full of energy.

Others are attracted to their engaging and forth-right personalities.

3. The purple and blue combination: Bold

If the final chart appeals to you most, you have a bold personality.

Bold people love the thrill of adventure and always want to try something new.

They are able to overcome any voices of doubt and have an extraordinary ability to fight.
They set challenging goals and stop at nothing until those goals are achieved.