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Dining in

Annabel Langbein: Vegetarian barbecue (+recipes)

The concept of Meatless Monday has been around for almost 15 years and has been taken up in 44 countries around the globe. But you may want to transform that into a lifestyle change and ditch eating meat for good, whether it's for ethical or health reasons.

Kiwi chef Annabel Langbein has shared a few meatless meal ideas to cook on the barbecue this summer, dispelling the notion that the only good thing to cook over the coals is meat.


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Delaney Mes: Platter chatter (+recipes)

It's the perfect time of year for entertaining and, for a break from the barbecue, there is nothing better than a decent platter in place of a main meal.

Delaney Mes shares three recipes that work well as part of a platter, or on their own for a little something to go with a drink in the sun.

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Dining out

Restaurant review: The Grill by Sean Connolly


writer Kim Knight visits The Grill by Sean Connolly, half a decade after it opened in Auckland's CBD, to find that they have not slipped up over the years.

"The service, which, in similarly pricey restaurants can sometimes feel intimidating, was exactly the right mix of professional (warm towels, artisan bread and butter, regular water refills) and friendly (yes, the clams were one of the waitperson's favourites too)," she boasts.

"And the food? Perfect meat, cooked perfectly."

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Health fix

Predicting health and food trends for 2017

It's January, so why not join the trend-watchers and make some predictions around food and health in 2017?

Healthy Food Guide editor Niki Bezzant says some really positive things are going on in our food culture that point to where we're heading.

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23 foods that equate to zero calories

Some foods are guaranteed to make you feel free from any guilt as you'll burn more calories by chewing and digesting them than you'll consume.

While most people know celery is one of these super-healthy zero calorie foods, others on the list may surprise you.

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The dangers of a vegan diet revealed

One nutritionist says going vegan could raise potential health risks. Photo / Getty Images
One nutritionist says going vegan could raise potential health risks. Photo / Getty Images

The new year always heralds a large wave of people starting a new diet or making drastic lifestyle changes, such as becoming a vegan.

But while following a plant-based diet could help you lose weight quickly, there are some potential health risks, according to one registered nutritionist.

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More Than Dumplings Chinese food tour

Venture down Auckland's Dominion Road to sample the best of its Chinese food and culture. With almost ten food stops along the way, you'll get to sample everything from dumplings to noodles while guides take you through China's fascinating history.

The first tour of 2017 is this Saturday 14 January, 3pm - 6pm. See for full details and to buy tickets.

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