A former Asda worker will be the first British man to become pregnant and will complete his gender transition after giving birth.

Hayden Cross, from Gloucester, had already undergone the preliminary stages to officially becoming a male, but has delayed the completion until giving birth.

The 20-year-old is four months pregnant after finding a sperm donor on Facebook, which prompted him to put the procedure on hold, the Daily Mail reported.

He told the Sun on Sunday: "I am worried about how I will look and what people will think and say about me.


"There are a lot of small-minded people out there."

He added that he will ensure he stays single during the child's formative years in order to keep matters as simple as possible.

The first man in the world to become pregnant was Thomas Beatie, from Arizona, who gave birth to three children after having a sex change.

Mr Beatie was born a woman, Tracy Lagondino, in Hawaii in 1974, but says he always felt like he wanted to be a man.

When he was in his twenties began having testosterone injections, giving him facial hair, a lower voice and altering his sexual organs.

In 2002 he had a mastectomy and legally became a man - but he chose to keep his vagina, uterus and other female sexual organs so the couple could have children, as his wife had had a hysterectomy.