There is a new quiz online that aims to test how well you can see different colours.

The eye test is devised by quiz site Playbuzz and shows a spectrum of varying different colours ranging from purple right through to a deep red.

You are then asked "How many colours can you see in the picture below?" before being given a list of four different options.

The answers include the following: Less than 20, 20-32, 32-39 and More than 39.
Each result gives you a different answer about what kind of eyesight you have.


If you spot less than 20 colours in the quiz, then you are a dichromat. This means, according to Playbuzz, that you probably have two cones in your eye.

They say: "Only 25 per cent of the population are dichromats! But don't worry, cause dogs are dichromats too."

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If you can see 20 to 32 distinctive colours, then this suggests you are a trichromat who has three types of cones in your eye in the purple/blue, green, and red regions.

Playbuzz reckons about 50 per cent of the population are trichromats and it means you are "full of energy, love and positivity."

If you are able to spot 32 to 39 distinctive colours in the picture then you're like a bumblebee.

Playbuzz writes: "You have four types of cones in your eyes, which is a real rarity! Only 25 per cent of the population is a tetrachromat! You are extremely bright, sharp and unique."

If, however, you managed to count more than 39 different colours shown on the spectrum, then you may have to count again.

There are only 39 different colours in the test so if you think you're seeing more than 39 you may be counting wrong!