A new quiz determines whether users have a curious mind by asking them to unscramble a series of words.

The latest puzzle from Playbuzz asks those taking part to find the hidden meaning of a series of letters that have been muddled to create a confusing pattern.

The player is presented with eight different word jumbles and only excellent problem solvers will be able to decipher the letters.

The quiz, titled "Are You Smart Enough To Read These Words?", starts off with words made up of three or four letters which are fairly easy to read.


However, as the test goes on users will be faced with nine or ten letter encoded words which are far trickier to understand.

Those who achieve a high score will be met with this message: "You're a good problem solver and an outside-of-the-box thinker with a creative and curious mind!:

Those who achieve less than 40 per cent are likely to have not been paying attention or simply ventured a guess at the majority of the answers.

Think you can score more than 40 per cent? Then scroll down and take the quiz!