Fast and fresh meals on the go.

We are just about to head out on the road with our new cookbook, Hungry, and we can't wait to travel from the top of the country to the bottom, sharing our story and book with everybody. We are stopping in more than 30 places in 22 days and are looking forward to visiting some of our favourite New Zealand destinations.

We are lucky enough that our family can come on the road with us as they take turns on the different legs of the journey - helping to keep us sane and on time. We love visiting so many places but we're always conscious of making sure we can have something substantial and easy to eat while we are on the go.

The recipes we are sharing today are a couple of super-quick meals we can find all the ingredients for in any supermarket we walk into. Best of all, they need no cooking or chopping.

Smoked salmon & mussel salad

Serves 2


100g New Zealand smoked salmon
375g pottle of marinated mussels
120g bag baby salad leaves
50g cashew nuts
Handful of coriander
2 Tbsp creme fraiche
2 Tbsp capers

Open the bag of salad and add the salmon, about 10 mussels and 2 Tbsp of the mussel brine.

Add the cashew nuts and tear the coriander leaves and add them to the bag.

Add the creme fraiche and capers and gently shake the bag so everything is combined. Divide into two and enjoy on the go!

Salami & sundried tomato wraps

Serves 2

100g sliced Italian salami
2 x spinach wraps
50g sundried tomatoes
50g pitted green olives
50g feta
100g baby spinach leaves
15g basil leaves
2 Tbsp feta and spinach dip (optional)

Divide all of the ingredients between the two wraps and wrap tightly. Enjoy!