A heartbroken husband who said he caught his wife cheating by recording her with a drone has confessed he wanted to kill his love rival.

John G, from North Pennsylvania, who has filed for divorce, has opened up on the moment he realised his wife was 'throwing away' 18 years of marriage.

After becoming suspicious, he used a drone to follow his wife Donna on her walk to work, only to capture her meeting up with a man and getting into his car.

He later published the footage to YouTube.


Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, John admitted his initial anger was targeted at the unknown man, saying he thought he was going to kill him for ruining his life.

The photographer, who asked to be identified only as John G to protect the identity of his children, said: "That day I didn't want to know the details.

"But I was angry at him for some reason.

"I know he's not the main person to blame in this situation, but I thought at that point I was going to kill him.

"He was the one who had ruined my life and I was going to kill him.

"I let myself cool down for a couple of days and I didn't even show her for two days.

"And after that initial anger, I was devastated.

"Now that's moved into a real state of emptiness and a worry for my children."

The video captures Donna walking from the family home to a parking lot, bypassing her usual route to work.

She does her hair on the side of the street before she is met by a man in an SUV, and John says he can see them kissing in the footage.

In the clip uploaded to YouTube, he talks viewers through the sequence of events and when his wife and the man embrace, he cannot hide his anguish, and says: "If you watch carefully, you're going to be able to see 18 years go right down the f***ing drain.

"Watch. If you're not paying attention you might miss it. Here it comes. There it goes! Eighteen years, boom! Eighteen years gone.

"Eighteen f***ing years gone! Eighteen years and you just threw it away like that. We had a good marriage, I thought it was a pretty good marriage. Apparently not.

"Eighteen years. Well, f*** you.'

He confronted his wife about the video two days after filming it a few days ago, and said: "I talked to her earlier today and she's not happy about me posting the video.

"I had already confronted her a couple of days after I filmed it, and when I tried to confront her about it, she just walked out of the room crying.

"We had a big blow out.

"She was upset that I'd aired our dirty laundry, so to speak, but the phone call didn't last very long.

"I've been ignoring her calls, but I decided to answer this time and she didn't stop yelling.

"I could barely get a word in edge-ways, so I hung up.

"But I will talk to her properly soon because she hasn't seen the kids in a week or so."

John, a photographer, said he is continuing with his plans to divorce.

"The relationship is over," he told MailOnline.

"She knows how I feel about cheating and we've had good conversations in the past about relationships.

"It can't recover from this.

"Even if I forgave her, and I probably could, every time she was late to something or going somewhere there would always be something in the back of my mind nagging at me.

"I love my children, and I love my wife too, but you can't have a relationship built on something like that.

"The next step is for me to muster up the courage, for want of a better word, to call up my lawyer again and tell him to continue with the divorce."

John, who has two teenage children, said he had become suspicious when he was told twice his wife was at the bagel store with a man when she was meant to be elsewhere.

"I tried to follow her on foot a couple of times," he said.

"But she saw me the one time and she went straight to work having probably seen me the second time.

"It was almost as if she wanted to get caught - it's a small town of 5,000 people, what did she think was going to happen?

"So I got the drone out before she left and kept it 400ft in the air and 100ft away from her and she didn't notice it."

He still doesn't know the full details of the alleged affair, and said he would remain ignorant until he feels the need to know for his own sanity.

"If it has been going on for a year, that would really bother me," the jilted husband said.

"She only took this job six months ago and I didn't think she had any spare time, but apparently she made the time."

After posting his video online, some have accused him of creating a fake video while others say he is only doing it for money.

John G denies both, and although he explained that he had previously used YouTube as a source of revenue after launching a successful channel, he said he would donate some of the money to charity.

"We usually buy some toys for kids at Christmas who go without, but this year we'll be able to do much more," he said.

"I've had a lot of feedback, and most of it has been supportive.

"Lots of people have been saying it's fake, and I can understand that, because I'd think it was fake too with the way the internet is these days, but it's definitely legitimate.

"Plenty of people have been blaming me, which is always nice.

"Some are saying, 'Well you must not have been giving her what she needs', which is always fun to read and some are less subtle and just called me a fat a**.

"I am getting a bit of revenue off the video on my channel, which helps because money is tight, but I want to donate a chunk of that to charity."

When asked if at any stage he regretted uploading the video, he said it remains to be seen, adding: "I don't really have a lot of friends, so I just felt I needed to share it with people.

"I don't know if I was looking for pity - I'm not sure.

"I'm just tired - I'm too tired to feel emotions right now."