You'd be hard-pressed to find a dog that doesn't love playing fetch. But what happens when they bring home something they're not meant to? Here are some of the funniest doggy discoveries from around the world.

No, not that stick
Earlier this year, Galaxy the chocolate Labrador was out and about in Merseyside (near Liverpool) when he fetched something a little more risqué than the average stick - a giant black dildo. "I couldn't even get my words out," said dog-walker Natalie Ferguson. "I was gobsmacked." The hilarious discovery has since been repurposed as a 'trophy' at Galaxy's owner's local football club.

Doggy detective
In 2013, Bill Flowers' pitbull cross brought home his owner's worst nightmare - a human leg. So what did Flowers decide to do? He buried it. "I'm 93 years old," he told CNN at the time. "I didn't want to have to go to the pen for something I didn't do." A few days later, the matter was brought to the attention of local police who deployed five search dogs and 30 volunteers to investigate. The homicide case hasn't been solved to this day.

Pets with pot
Miley, a black Labrador cross from Mississippi, arrived home in March this year with a plastic bag full of high-grade marijuana - an entire pound of marijuana (454 grams), valued at US$1000. The owner was not implicated and the dog unharmed.


Though largely unpleasant, it's not unusual for dogs to bring home dead animals from time to time. But when one dog brought home a tiny tortoise one day in October, its owner was 'shell-shocked', to say the least. The local RSPCA was called to the owner's home in Tipton (near Birmingham in the UK) to retrieve the tiny reptile. The tortoise was dubbed Terry by its carers at the RSPCA.

Anything and everything
Most dog owners will relate to the bloggers behind 'Sh*t My Dogs Bring Home' - an online record of all the things their four dogs have brought home over time. Douglas, Claire, Pam and Josie were rescued from an abandoned house not long ago and have now amassed a small following on Facebook.