They say you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

And if you're looking for love but find it a minefield, one expert has shared six golden habits you need to break before a date.

From how you ask questions to your body language, Rachel Maclynn, a psychologist from The Vida Consultancy, has revealed where you could be going wrong - and how to fix it.

1. Turning a date into an interview

This is possibly one of dating's biggest faux pas - turning up on a date with a premeditated list of questions, which were probably the same as the questions you asked someone on a date last week.


Nobody will enjoy a date if they are grilled with questions. It's unnatural and forced. The best dates or conversations between the sexes will be those that veer off in a multitude of directions.

2. Competitiveness

One-upmanship has no place when trying to win over the opposite sex. It's one thing to inspire others by highlighting some of your achievements in life, or showing off your sporting prowess, but when you go head to head with someone you fancy and focus on nothing but coming out as the winner, then you have lost one important game - the dating game.

3. Negativity

Some people are simply predisposed to be glass half empty. They habitually think and talk about the worst case scenario. This habit can become self-fulfilling, especially when it comes to dating. When you think and talk negatively you will repel the opposite sex.

4. Slouching

Your body language can tell a lot about you before you even open your mouth. People who slouch, hunch their shoulders or sit with their arms folded give across the instant message of anxiety, lack of confidence, or defensiveness.

5. Sarcasm

Used with friends, sarcasm can be hugely entertaining. However, when you are trying to draw the attention of the opposite sex, being sarcastic just makes you sound degrading and is unlikely to make a favourable impression.

6. Bombarding with contact

Dating is a delicate dance. All your behaviour needs to mirror or be balanced with that of the person you are wooing. You may be a 50 WhatsApp messages a day person, but if your date doesn't reciprocate with the same enthusiasm, then you need to slow down until you find a happy equilibrium.


1. Interview them
2. Be competitive
3. Be negative
4. Slouch
5. Be sarcastic
6. Bombard their phone