A sexpert appeared on a UK morning news programme earlier this week to urge all women to orgasm at least three times a week.

Speaking on the ITV show This Morning, Andrea Pennington from Detroit, said many women are missing out on having mind-blowing climaxes because they are too stressed.

The physician and meditation teacher told presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that "90 per cent" of an orgasm is in a woman's mind, so if she is distracted or worried, she won't achieve one.

She said: "She needs to be mentally turned on. If in her head she is worried about what she didn't finish today or what will the kids eat tomorrow or how she looks and smells and tastes then it will be much harder.


"Things going on in a woman's mind can stop her reaching the big O."

The author of the Orgasm Prescription For Women believes climaxing should be prioritised by women as it helps their "personal empowerment, self acceptance and self love."

She said: "Women should be having three orgasms a week as a minimum. The benefits are numerous - stress relief from depression and anxiety, it makes us nicer, and it's a pain reliever."

She added that having an orgasm is important to maintain a happy relationship if you're in one, and to boost the self-esteem.

She also said that a woman's ability to orgasm could be indicative of their overall health.

"For me as a physician, if a women is not achieving orgasm, or she doesn't have any interest in sex, that could be a sign of something else going wrong. Such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or other serious concerns," Andrea explained.

"Normally hormones are the reason you can't orgasm if you are trying, as the body loses testosterone as we age - but if it isn't due to hormones, then get your blood pressure checked."

Andrea said she has had to teach a lot of women how to reach a "mind-blowing, full body" orgasm as they may never have been able to achieve one, or have lost the ability to do so.

Andrea has a 21 day plan in her book which she said can help all women relax and be mindful, which will help them climax.

She said these techniques are necessary as much of the ability to orgasm is in the mind - as a result, you should be able to climax without even being touched because "orgasm takes place in the brain."

She boasted: "I can reach orgasm without being touched - it can happen in a matter of minutes."

In the book, which is on sale now, she writes that "today the orgasm is an indicator of personal empowerment, self-acceptance, and self-love as well as an affirmation of a woman's right to enjoy pleasure in her body and her overall life.

"The Orgasm Prescription for Women opens the door to sexual fulfillment, sensual expression, increased intimacy, and more fulfilling orgasms. The 21-day program, meditations and daily rituals can also lead to deep personal transformation and spiritual growth."

This Morning viewers were not all impressed with Andrea's advice with Samantha Johnson ‏@Phoenix_Magic_X tweeting: "@thismorning 3 orgasms a week? I haven't blown my nose since Wednesday."

Others tweeted the show to say they didn't think the discussion was suitable for daytime telly with Vicki Wood writing "@thismorning who really what's to know about this on TV?" and Martin Knowles ‏@martinderrick11 tweeting: "@thismorning I thought this was a daytime show not a sex show?!!"

Other viewers praised the presenters for keeping straight faces during the interview.

Andrew Wareing ‏tweeted: "@thismorning cutting to @Ginofantastico after that was to funny, how did @hollywills an @Schofe get thought that without laughing."

Dizzybird ‏@dizzybird11 agreed writing: "@thismorning Well done Holly & Phil for not cracking up with laughter!"

This Morning conducted a sex survey ahead of Andrea's appearance in which they quizzed 2,100 women aged 18 and above.

The results revealed that almost one in twenty of the women have never had an orgasm and 40 per cent have faked one.

Meanwhile, many of the women questioned do not appear to need Andrea's tips.

Nearly one in 20 admitted to having have five or more orgasms a week and one even confessed to having an orgasm while driving a car.

On the results, Andrea said: "The one surprise was how high the number of orgasms from some of the respondents. Normally we're not seeing more than three in a week, and some of your viewers have said they've had up to ten."


This Morning

quizzed 2,100 women aged 18 and above and found out that...

• Almost one in 20 women say they have never had an orgasm.

• 1 in 3 women have had an orgasm within the last week.

• Nearly 1 in 20 have five or more orgasms a week, but just 1 in 10 have three.

• 30% describe feeling euphoric, while 3% felt guilty after an orgasm.

• 40% admit they have faked an orgasm, with over half saying it was to get sex over with more quickly and 66% wanted to spare their partner's feelings.

• Nearly a quarter of women say they enjoy noisy sex.

• 80% of women say they are generally happy with the quality of their orgasms.

• Of the most unusual places to have an orgasm, in a car came out top.

• Other unusual places that women had orgasms were a churchyard, by the side of a motorway, in the roadworks lorry, dentist surgery, in a police station, and in the woods.

• One person even admitted having an orgasm while driving her car.