The next set of emojis could finally include everything you've been waiting for - and then some.

The Unicode Consortium has published a list of the 51 candidates for Unicode 10, set to be released in 2017, and it includes everything from a vomiting emoji and a flying saucer to a slab of meat, a nude "person in steamy room", and merpeople.

It also reveals a continued effort to make emojis more representative of the diverse user base, with a breastfeeding mother, a woman wearing a hijab, and a heavily bearded character.

The list will be finalized mid-2017 with the release of Unicode 10.0, according to Emojipedia.


While the proposal reveals many new designs, it doesn't necessarily show exactly how they will look if accepted.

The list includes a number of mythical creatures, such as a vampire, a genie, an elf, merman and mermaid, fairy, and a zombie.

A slew of new food items have made the list as well, including a pretzel, a sandwich, a cup with a straw, canned food, broccoli, and a coconut.

And, the list also contains numerous new animals - giraffe, zebra, hedgehog, sauropod (like a brontosaurus) T-rex, and a cricket.

There could also be a "grinning face with crazy eyes", a shocked face with an exploding head, and a face with star eyes.

New designs for children, adults, and older adults are also included, along with new clothing items.

The list reveals new activities too, with a person sitting in the lotus position, and a person rock climbing.

In recent months, social media giants have been making strides to diversify their emojis.

A few months ago, Google revealed a series of new emojis in efforts to better capture the essence of its users.

The new emojis include 11 new professions, from rock star to scientist, each available in both male and female, and across all skin colours.

In addition to this, 33 existing emojis are set to be updated to include a version for both genders.

Google revealed the news on its blog in July after the idea was first proposed in May.

The move comes after the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee agreed to the proposed changes, bringing the new looks to Android and other platforms.

"Most than 90 percent of the world's online population use emoji," wrote Nicole Bleuel, Marketing Lead & Diversity Champion, Emoji, in the blog post.

"But while there's a huge range of emoji, there aren't a lot that highlight the diversity of women's careers, or empower young girls."

The new emojis feature a rock star, welder, scientist, farmer, chef, and doctor, among others.

These will be available in male and female, with all skin tones.

Older emojis, like the running person, the haircut, and the weightlifter can now be changed between male and female.

"These new emoji are one of several efforts we're making to better represent women in technology, and to connect girls with the education and resources they need to pursue careers in STEM," according to the blog post.

"One such effort is Made with Code, which helps girls pursue and express their passions using computer science."

Ahead of World Emoji Day this weekend, made with Code is releasing a new project that teaches coding skills through the creation of emoji-inspired stickers.

"We hope these updates help make emoji just a little more representative of the millions of people around the globe who use them."

The Unicode team explained that it doesn't normally specify the gender for the emoji characters, instead assigning a neutral term to describe them.

The running emoji, for example, is "runner", not running man.

But, they say they've been working to address gender issues.


Flying saucer
'I love you' hand sign
Grinning face with star eyes
Grinning face with crazy eyes
Face with finger covering closed lips
Serious face with symbols covering mouth
Smiling face with smiling eyes and hand covering mouth
Face with open mouth vomiting
Shocked face with exploding head
Palms up together
Curling stone
Bowl with spoon
Cup with straw
Cut of meat
Canned food
Giraffe face
Zebra face
Face with monocle
Older adult
Bearded adult
Bearded person
Person with headscarf
Person in steamy room
Person climbing
Person in lotus position
Mage (wizard, witch, sorcerer, etc)
Orange heart
Billed cap