Once considered decidedly feminine, this versatile tone is bang on trend this summer.

Maybe it's the thought of sun-ripened fruit or the colour pink peonies turn as they open and fade? But while peach/blush/apricot/rose/shell (call it what you will) conjures up all sorts of sunny-day associations, it's a colour long thought difficult to decorate with. Too feminine for a space that is used often; too sweet for much other than a child's room.

Not any longer. Blush has forged its way out of the boudoir and into less intimate spaces like a lounge or living room. It's benefits are plenty; a neutral colour, it goes with pretty much everything. It's soft enough to be calming and fresh enough to be interesting. Team it with nude, white, navy, mustard or olive. But if you really want to make it sing, mix it with a zingy citrus yellow.

Main image: Citta linen duvet cover $259 and matching pillowcase $69. Casa throw $169. All from Citta Design.

Simon James for Resident Pick Up Sticks chair, $POA from Simon James Design.


Citta Design Appaloosa ikat cushion, $80 (inner separate) from Citta.

MOR Essential Neroli Clementine candle, $30 from Mor Boutique.

Tom Dixon Brew Stove Top, $288 from Simon James Design.

Line pendant, $4500 from Douglas + Bec.

Citta Design hand-woven cotton rug, $340 from Citta Design.

Annabel Trends bathmat, $29. See maytime.co.nz for stockists.

RD bar stool, $795 from Douglas + Bec.


Candles are usually desirable because of their smell. But Miller Road's new limited-edition candles are modern collectibles, their translucent onyx holders natural works of art. Each container is hand cut and the scented wax supplied in "spa" lights (bigger than tea lights) enabling it to glow ethereally when lit. $120 from Miller Road.

3 of the best ... graphic cushions

Furniture in need of a facelift? Bolster your sofa with a colourful cushion.

1. Citta Design Venus reversible cushion (inner separate), $65 from Citta Design.
2. Multi cushion, $108. See maytime.co.nz for stockists.
3. Rachel Carley Design cushion, $558 from Tessuti.

Chew on this

You can have matte, black, silver, gold and - now - mirrored. Metal cutlery so shiny you can polish yourself up in it makes a summer table sparkle. Broste Copenhagen mirrored finish cutlery, $300 (for a 16-piece set) from Alex & Corban Home.