The internet's love affair with cats is well documented.

And our appetite for a cat-related comedy moment is obviously going nowhere, as these hilarious Snapchats show.

The pictures feature everything from a cat riding a rocking horse to a group of five working as a team to try and retrieve some snacks from a kitchen cupboard.

The pictures compiled by Bored Panda show the bizarre things household cats can get up to when their owners' backs are turned... or at least when they think they are.


One reveals a cat perched on top of a mattress while another desperately tries to cling on with its claws, creating a scene that bears a striking resemblance to the moment of Mufasa's death in Disney's The Lion King.

There's also a tell-tale paw print in an otherwise perfect piece of pastry, plenty of classic guilty faces, and a cat being re-purposed as an iPhone holder.