It's always nice when you're eating out and the restaurant offers you free Wi-Fi.

Most places will generously hand over the Wi-Fi password without a problem, but San Antonio Thai restaurant Yaya isn't most places.

While willing to let customers use the service for free, the privilege has to be earned by solving an insanely complex math equation.

Reddit user Joshua_Glock posted a picture of the restaurant's handwritten Wi-Fi equation this past weekend.


"This is the Wi-Fi password at a local Thai restaurant. I'm determined to join their network. Where are the math wizards at," the post read.

Since posted, the Reddit thread has is filled with people speculating what the answer might be.

"This is a binomial probability density function with an error. The term after the sigma is not a fraction but a combination ... To find the answer for the question, you need the value of N, the number of coin flips," wrote one user.

"I don't know if this is a trick question or not, but to me that says the password is some variation of 'One', '1' 'One Hundred Percent' or '100%'," wrote another.

Despite the speculation, comments from Joshua_Glock reveal the password is yet to be cracked.

"No one has solved it since they've posted it. Supposedly it is a legit equation or whatever they're called," he wrote.

In a last-ditch effort he spoke with the owners of the restaurant, but they would not play ball.

"I've tried [asking them]. They shake their finger at me while making a clicking sound. It's very humbling," he wrote.

"I'm going to have my wife make them some cupcakes. Hopefully this will entice them to give up the PW."