When a relationship breaks down, you might be left wondering what went wrong.

But these men may shed some light on the subject of deal-breakers, by swapping tales on the things that would put them off a potential girlfriend.

Speaking candidly on a Reddit thread, the daters revealed their turn-offs, ranging from bad breath and women who carry "purse dogs", to having a flat that smells of cats.

The honest discussion began when one user asked: "Men of Reddit: What is your biggest deal breaker for dating?"


A user with the name aimless_grizzly wrote: "I don't mind cats but you've really got to pick up after them.

"If I walk into your place and the first thing I smell is cat it's not going to work."

Another user's attitude was markedly more confident, as he simply said: "Saying no to dating me. I'm just like, yeah this isn't gonna work."

User p_s_laplace, clearly exasperated after a series of dull dates, wrote: "I can't tell you how many times I have done all the talking on the date.

"I try to ask questions and am met with three word responses. 'It's alright', 'Yea, its a job' etc."

Similarly, pholyuhm vented: "Having no interest in anything. I don't care if you love makeup and talk to me for hours about it, but seeing someone be so passionate about something is amazing.

"I love movies and could talk about my favorites for hours. I just want to see an interest in what makes you, you."

A user named nujurzy87 listed bad breath as being a major turn-off for him, before adding girls who led men on, even if they already had a boyfriend.


He said: "Bad breath. Them talking to me telling me their current relationship isn't working out and it will be over soon.

"I have a friend caught in that right now. He met a girl at the pool at his apartment complex, and she flirted with him, they exchanged numbers, and he found out she has a boyfriend but at the same time is trying to hook up with my friend and telling him she wants to date him, that it isn't working out with her current boyfriend.

"I told him not to fall for that because if one thing goes wrong if she breaks up with her b/f and the two of you date, she'll do the same exact thing to you, meet another guy and tell him it isn't working out with you and go behind your back and cheat."

A user called magic_louse turned to nature to explain his pet hate, writing: "An annoying laugh. There is a good reason why hyenas only mate once a year."

A user named poormanstonystark's contribution seemed fairly normal, as he spoke about avoiding girls that played mind games - but his reasoning took on a worrying turn when he referred to women as "potential candidates".

"Playing mind games / doing s*** tests etc," he wrote.

"I have absolutely zero tolerance towards those. If I spot a potential candidate doing that, I immediately lose a lot of respect towards him/her and become suspicious.

"The second time I see him/her trying to pull off some kind of similar stuff, it's time for goodbyes.

"I'm looking for someone trustworthy and with whom I can be at ease. Not someone who tries to provoke a fight every day."

Justashark22 offered this heartbreaking contribution: "When she calls you stupid. Hurts really bad. I didn't grow up the smartest kid, but I successfully graduated highschool with a 2.9.

"My father always brought me down calling me stupid and s*** and when a girl says I'm stupid, dumb, etc just really breaks me down."

Another, jestakilla, added: "Someone who needs to tear others down in order to feel good about herself."

While gilgamore said: "When a girl plays the victim in everything, it's really hard to believe them when they say that something bad happens.

"I've found this is often paired with a sense of entitlement, and that they just end up living in their own little world all the time."