If you've just been groped on a plane, but it's too late for the captain to kick the offending passenger off the flight, what would you do?

Ariana Lenarsky was boarding a flight in Texas when a man "grabbed and stroked" her calf as she walked past. She complained to the flight attendants, who nodded and said they'd already had complaints from other passengers.

They had informed the captain, and filed a report with the airline. Police escorted him off the plane when it landed, and Lenarsky says the grope was legally classed as "battery".

However, according to her Twitter feed, it's extremely difficult to press charges.


"He tried to kiss the other woman. She doesn't want to press charges because since it happened in the sky, the FBI would have to get involved," she tweeted.

"If I want to press charges, I'd have to fly back to Austin on my dime, since it's in Austin Police Department's jurisdiction. I don't want to do that."

Frustrated with the response, she took matters into her own hands. The musician, writer, and comedian from Los Angeles tweeted his picture with the caption: "You can't grab women on a plane, guy. You can't do it. Hope you get the help you need."