Guacamole with tortilla chips is one of the easiest - and tastiest - snacks to whip up for a party.

However, the avocado dip inevitably turns into a mushy brown mess in just a couple of hours - meaning it's not the most appetising of leftovers.

Luckily, PureWow has discovered a nifty little hack to prevent your guacamole turning brown and keep it looking green and delicious for at least 24 hours.

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All you need is one ingredient and you probably already have it in your kitchen cupboard:

Cooking spray.

The spray creates an oxygen barrier around the mashed avocado and stops any oxidation from occurring - which is what makes it turn brown.

Your guacamole should then stay fresh and green for around 24 hours.

It even works on halved avocados too. Phew.