Last week we dipped into the uncomfortable but all-too-familiar sensation of life envy. That "grass is greener, why is it so easy for them?" feeling that can creep over the best of us. Here are two more tips to turn it round:

Try an instant perspective-shifter the next time a bit of life envy pops up. Remember, life envy is always about a PERCEIVED LACK in our own life. It's a really pervasive negative standpoint where we feel we are coming off worse, that we are less than - or we have less than, or that our life is harder or more challenging than - others. One quick way to move out of life envy and move forward is to imagine what, for example, a Syrian refugee would think of your life. Would they swap in a heartbeat? You bet.

What about some of the less affluent countries you have visited: what would the waitress in Fiji who brought you your long island iced tea think of all that you DO have? Feel the perceived lack start to recede as you connect to the abundance you routinely take for granted.

Then get busy turning the energy of life envy around. Turn it into a positive energy in your own life. How? By instead of seeing every example of the LACK in your life demonstrated by the couple/baby/job/size 10 jeans/beachfront bach/whatever you have your heart set on - see it as EVIDENCE of the ABUNDANCE of the thing that you want, and BLESS IT. Yep, we are talking a 360-degree turn around in energy here.


Applaud people for having the thing you want because it shows it's possible. Celebrate them having that fantastic thing because you know how precious or important or glorious it is and take it as evidence of its achievability. Bless them. Congratulate them. Applaud them (in your own head, not out loud, you don't have to look like a nutbar). So instead of the "why is it so easy for them? Why don't I have that?" in your own head start saying "well that is so wonderful, what a happy looking family" or "she is blooming, good for you sweetie, I hope you are feeling well and getting lots of rest" or "go you, getting out running, you look amazing!"

Can you see what a massive energy shift that is? To come from a place of praise, celebration and abundance rather than a place of envy and lack? It feels so much better, and can almost be like a little mental game to play with yourself.

If you watch closely you might find life envy has become the default setting in your brain - which makes for a very negative experience of life. However, if you can routinely take other people's successful circumstances as evidence of the abundance of those possibilities rather than as evidence of your own lack, you are well on your way to creating the space to attract exactly what your heart desires into your life.