Celebrity wedding planners have come up with some truly unique ways to fight back in the war against paparazzi-manned drones.

According to The New York Post, the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in France recently enlisted the help of some animals to prevent the pap drones getting photos of stars including Owen Wilson and the Olsen twins who were attending the wedding of Alberto "Tico" Mugrabi and Colby Jordan.

They hired 13 falcons who were trained to attack the drones in midair and take them down (without getting injured).

Celebrity wedding planner JoAnn Gregoli told Vanity Fair that she uses a different method to get rid of the pesky pap drones.


"I just hire people with [what] I call my attack drones to go up and be a diversion because they kind of chase after each other, and [the paparazzi] can't get the shot," Gregoli said.

"What happens with the drone-on-drone [fight] is one drone is going to get hurt or damaged because it's got to come down. You hope it's not yours."

And then there's wedding planner Marcy Blum who revealed to Vanity Fair that she fends off drones with guns that fire off nets.

According to the The Net Gun Store site: "The best thing about the net guns is that it is legal and can be used and owned by anyone without any restrictions. It will not permanently destroy or harm the helicopter drones and will also not hamper or cause damage to private property."

The wedding planners have all warned the paparazzi that they'll do anything to protect their clients' privacy.