Despite the saying "the customer is always right" the following tales of particularly foolish diner queries have us convinced the adage shouldn't always stand.

Restaurant workers, baristas and supermarket workers have shared some of the dumbest questions they have ever been asked - and some may make you question humanity's general intellect.

More than 3,800 people have responded to a post on Reddit asking: "What is the dumbest question a customer has ever asked you?" and some of the replies are priceless.

Long-serving baristas kicked things off by sharing some of the most moronic questions they've ever been asked by coffee customers.


One user commented: "My favourite is still a lady who asked me to make sure the ice was cold."

Another recalled being asked: "Why are you watering down my coffee?" by a guy who ordered an Iced Americano.

"NoDoThis" said they were working at a small coffee shop where they roasted their own beans and even had their own brand when a customer asked: "Do you sell Starbucks here?"

The barista responded: "No ma'am we roast our own coffee here." to which the customer retorted, "Well that's just bad business."

One user known as "becauseusoft" said she was baffled when a customer asked her to "aerate" his juice by stirring it. She said: "He wanted me to stir his apple juice. Technically the word was applicable, I guess, but wtf, dude?"

She added: "He had a straw in his hand and he could damn well have aerated that juice himself."

User "HelloYouAreCool" had to laugh when a customer in the drive-thru asked if he could have his food to go.

The "almightySapling" verified the story, posting: "What? I worked at McDonald's for a few years, primarily taking orders in drive-thru. I heard this a few times an hour."

But while the majority of responses showed up customers, Redditor "Dun_bar" recounted a fellow staff member's "dumb" moment when she asked for the ingredients in a sandwich.

Dun_bar said "Ham, salami, cheese, tomatoes, onions..." to which his colleague asked: "Okay so is it vegetarian?" Dun_bar replied: "Yes in fact, it's vegan."

And for DeniseDeNephew, a meal at a Chinese restaurant will always remind her that the customer isn't always right: "I went to dinner once at a Chinese restaurant in Missouri and a woman at the table next to ours yelled at the waiter, 'Where is the other sauce? We are supposed to get Sweet and Sour Sauce and we only got one sauce!'"