Final episode: New Caledonia

We are at the final leg of our trip and what better way to finish than the tropical destination of New Caledonia!

For us, this was the perfect place to finish our whirlwind world tour. We were looking forward to finding out how the cuisine of the pacific and the rich foods of the French work together in this unique environment. One place that did this really well was Le Meridien resort at the Iles Des Pines. There, we had a dish of snail ravioli served in a coconut lobster bisque ... unusual but delicious!

We were also impressed with the delicious baked goods on offer at the local boulangeries. The supermarkets are great too - stocked with delicious French cheeses and pate, complementing the freshly baked baguettes that are baked twice daily.


If you ever visit New Caledonia, our advice is simple - take it easy and relax in the sun.

We also suggest you make time to visit some of the more untouched outer islands away from the capital Noumea. On our visit to Iles Des Pines we were lucky enough to see a plethora of wild life, from large sea turtles to dolphins, and we are pretty sure we spotted a few whales on the boat ride out too.

We've been so lucky to experience so many great countries, cultures and cuisines on our travels -- it's really been the trip of a lifetime.

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