They've been winning over locals in Canada but it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge only have eyes for each other.

The royal couple, who married in 2011 and have two young children together, have been looking more loved-up than ever during their trip abroad.

It is certainly a far cry from when Prince Charles and his then wife Diana visited India in 1992; it was blatantly obvious from their stony facial expressions and frosty demeanours that their marriage was in deep trouble.

Charles and Diana's body language was telling two months before their separation. Photo / Getty
Charles and Diana's body language was telling two months before their separation. Photo / Getty

Their appearance 24 years ago - two months before their separation was announced - was a world away from the happy smiles and easy companionship their son the Duke of Cambridge, 34, and his wife Kate, 34, have been displaying as they tour Canada this week.


And Robin Kermode, a communications and body language coach and founder of Zone2, a professional training and coaching consultancy, has confirmed that the couple's loved up body language shows just how deep their bond is.

"This Canadian tour shows that William and Kate are still so in love with each other and the pictures of them together really tell a genuine love story," he said.

On Monday, the couple were greeted warmly by the indigenous Heiltsuk people as they arrived on the remote island community of Bella Bella.

In a ceremony that went on for an hour longer than planned, the couple were treated to traditional dancing by groups of brightly-dressed young children who clearly entranced the smiling duchess.

William and Kate only had eyes for each other at a ceremony on their tour of Canada. Photo / Getty
William and Kate only had eyes for each other at a ceremony on their tour of Canada. Photo / Getty

They also watched while a large group of women, revered in the Heiltsuk community as "life givers", danced what was known as 'A ladies' welcome' to the sound of drums and chanting.

Throughout the entire ceremony, Kate couldn't take her eyes off her husband and kept touching his leg and leaning in.

Speaking about their body language and what it means, Robin said: "In this image, the couple's body language is very synchronised with the couple almost mirroring each other. Their eye contact is better than ever and they are holding each other's gaze, which is also a sign of being relaxed in each other's company.

"Kate looks adoringly at William with a wonderfully open face. This is a joy to see; you can see that it is a genuine smile as it involves her whole face.

"Their bodies were pointing towards each other a lot throughout the ceremony, even
Kate's crossed legs point towards William. Kate's face reflects her joy and shows that she is sharing a thought or joke with her husband."

On Saturday the couple were met by thousands of well-wishers as they stepped off a seaplane from Victoria, where they had left Prince George, three, and 16-month-old Princess Charlotte with their nanny.

Kate, dressed in a £4,000 McQueen dress, again, couldn't keep her hands off her man.

Kate connects with William as they are welcomed to a charity organisation. Photo / Getty
Kate connects with William as they are welcomed to a charity organisation. Photo / Getty

As they arrived to the Immigrant Services Society, a charitable organisation that provides targeted programs for refugees, women, children and youth, Kate protectively placed her hand behind Prince William' back.

She left it there as they were introduced to wellwishers and looked happier than ever.
The couple were also seen sharing jokes and looking longingly into each other's eyes.

Robin said: "Kate has a wonderful open face in this image. The couple is clearly comfortable with the situation; she maintains physical contact with William, placing her hand in the crook of his elbow, which is a gentle intimate pose."

Kate was equally touchy-feely as she and William left their two children at the Government House as they undertook their first official engagement.

Kate laid a protective hand on William's thigh, as he exchanged pleasantries with Justin Trudeau.

Speaking about her stance, Robin said: "Even though she is not looking at her husband, Kate still maintains physical contact by resting her hand gently on his knee. This is a very natural pose showing that the couple does not need to 'force' their affection for the cameras or feel the need to stand on ceremony."

Signs of a couple in love

1. Mirroring gestures

This shows how well 'in sync' a couple is, according to Robin. So when a couple is having dinner at a restaurant, when one person leans in to take a sip of wine, then the other will.

If one is leaning on their left arm, the other will 'mirror' and lean on their right arm. This will often be unconscious.

They will generally eat at the same pace, so one person is not left eating whilst the other has cleared their plate five minutes earlier.

2. Leaning in and facing each other

Couples in love tend to face each other and lean their heads together.

3. They walk side by side

A couple in love will often turn to look at each other when walking. If one is always ahead they cannot connect properly.

4. Genuine smiles

Their smiles are genuine. Not just their mouth turns up at edges, but their eyes are also smiling. They share jokes and moments together. They might throw back their heads in a relaxed way.

5. Physical contact

They hold hands, touch (appropriately!) whenever they can. For example, couples watching TV often touch their feet if sitting at either end of a sofa.

6. Eye contact

They will hold eye contact longer than the usual 2-3 seconds.

7. They seem physically relaxed with each other

Their gestures will generally be open and they will appear relaxed - rather like we do when on holiday in the sunshine!