Japanese food is one of our favourite cuisines so we were really looking forward to visiting the country. We weren't disappointed. There is so much precision in Japanese cooking, from the street stalls to the many Michelin starred restaurants found throughout Japan. The chefs there place high value on having the most fresh and seasonal produce available which makes the food taste just that much better. We enjoyed wandering the small alleys to find hole-in-the-wall Yakitori eateries, which served a plethora of skewered meats and vegetables.

Tokyo was vibrant and the quirky fashion of the locals made us feel as though we were walking around a movie set. We had a ball shopping for second hand kimonos which have quickly become a staple in our wardrobes, wearing them as casual jackets.

If you're visiting Tokyo, make sure you try both ends of the food spectrum. Get in as much street food as you can but also book ahead to at least one of the Michelin starred dining establishments that are found throughout the city. You won't be disappointed and for us, Tokyo is now at the very top of the list of places we want to return to.

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