We've been tested recently by a puzzle that reveals how perceptive we are and it looks like the trend in brainteasers testing our powers of observation isn't dwindling.

From hunting for Easter eggs hidden among bunnies to spotting the cat concealed in a group of wide-eyed owls, these puzzles' popularity continues to grow.

The latest test challenges eagle-eyed viewers to find "Pete the Panda" among a group of tightly packed animals including pugs, cats and owls.

• Scroll down to find Pete


Pete is a fictional character sold as a cake at British supermarket chain Asda.

He can be recognised by his big, sad eyes, but stuck among other large-eyed animals in the picture he becomes hard to spot.

The picture, from Playbuzz, first had puzzlers stumped earlier in the year however it's resurfaced and people are scratching their heads once more.

Spot the red dot

When you look at this red dot, what do you see? If your eyesight is good enough you'll note a picture hidden inside the circle.

The brain teaser purportedly tests the viewer's vision, and people claim to see everything from a slim outline to a detailed picture.

Currently trending online, many viewers report being baffled by what the image actually shows.

Given the option to flip the image, the overturned dot reveals a detailed sketch of a horse with a mane, tail, saddle and bridle.

Try the test and find out what you can see.