Animal welfare groups are placing increased pressure on the government to follow the state of New South Wales’ lead in attempting to ban greyhound racing. Because of the prevalence and competitive nature of racing, there’s often an excess of former racing dogs in need of a loving home. Here are some reasons why these dogs make magnificent pets:

They're good natured

You may think greyhounds are aggressive or difficult dogs to keep as pets - but that couldn't be further from the truth. They are actually one of the most laid-back breeds around, known for mild manners and displays of affection towards their owners.

They're great indoor pets...

Despite their size, greyhounds make great indoor pets - even in apartments. Their relaxed nature means they're usually happy to laze around the house during the day (greyhounds famously require between 16 to 18 hours of sleep per day). They also require less exercise than many other breeds.


...but they enjoy an active lifestyle too

That said, greyhounds do need to expend the energy they do have, with daily walks or runs amounting to about an hour of exercise per day, whether at home or in the great outdoors. Inquisitive in nature, greyhounds make great companions at the park, on jogs and in any social environment.

They're low-maintenance

The most important thing to any greyhound is comfort - they just need a good, comfy spot to get their sleep. Greyhounds are also easy to take care of, thanks to their short coat which requires light weekly grooming and occasional baths. Because of their short coat, greyhounds shouldn't be kept as outside pets and require warm coats during colder months.

You could be saving a life

Like other rescue dogs, when you adopt a greyhound you could be saving their life. Adoption centres also face issues of overcrowding, so by giving a dog a home you're making room for more rescue dogs to find new owners as well.