The Block

couple who spoke out after being called infertile and fugly by a stranger, are now pregnant.

Tom and Loren Heaphy were on season two of The Block NZ in 2013. They came last out of the four teams, selling their property for only $25,000 more than the reserve.

The couple told New Idea magazine in 2014 about their struggles to have a baby. Loren explained how they had tried to conceive since they got married in 2010 as a brush with cervical cancer in her early 20s meant it might take her longer to fall pregnant.


But six years later Loren posted to her instagram tonight a photo of their ultrasound.

"Someone's pretty happy just kicking the ceiling in Mum's tummy! #babyonboard #freeloader #takesafterdad #heaphybaby"

Since the Heaphy's got married Loren has battled through infertility treatment and an excruciating burst ovarian cyst where she had to undergo emergency surgery, she told New Idea.

During the surgery doctors found she also had endometriosis which explained why they had difficulty getting pregnant.