It can be an infuriating scenario and it's happened to us all.

These day's the movies ain't cheap so it's frustrating when you're seated byf a punter who pops open a bag of crisps and proceeds to crunch them loudly throughout the film.

In an attempt to prevent chomping-chewers disturbing the cinema experience, global ticketing app TodayTix has launched a new range of food: "Silent Snacks".

The new line of snacks encourages movie goers to eat foods that won't disturb anybody seated nearby.


Chocolate truffles and fruit slices are among the foods selected to encourage noise-free eating in the theatre.

The range has been developed by TeaTime Productions and the creators have ensured these items will be available in material pouches, to eliminate any noise associated with packaging.

"TodayTix wants every audience member to enjoy their theatre experience to the full," the app's spokesperson said, "... and so we have found a solution to the common problem of noisy eaters and rustling wrappers.

"By purchasing our one-of-a-kind silent snacks, theatregoers can enjoy everything London's theatres have to offer free from distractions."

Let's hope the idea makes its way to New Zealand cinema's as soon as possible.