Editor Michelle Hurley takes us through some of the highlights in this weekend's Canvas magazine.

When TV3 announced last year that it was producing a local version of the British telly show Grand Designs, my first thought was to feel sorry for whoever hosted it. Who could seriously compete with Kevin McCloud, that compelling package of utter snobbishness, heritage-listed credentials and top-rate totty? And did they not know we run a bit short on castles here?

But, as it turns out, the man they picked as host, Chris Moller, was his own little revelation. An architect (unlike Crumpet McCloud), he was, as Media Works TV head of commissioning Sue Woodfield says, "a bit rough as a presenter", but he was also passionate, able to communicate complex design ideas clearly and best of all, as Greg Bruce writes in his profile of him this week, his house is neither beautiful nor grand, but is modest, rough-sawn and rugged. A bit like the host himself.

Also this week, we visit three great eateries and steal their style for your home, Annabel Langbein shows how to properly organise your pantry, and Megan Nicol Reed writes about the agony and ecstasy of baking complicated kids' birthday cakes.