Not that teenagers need any persuasion of this, but a US high school teacher has proven just how totally embarrassing adults can be by rapping her way through a lesson.

I know, WTF??! In a video posted to YouTube, the teacher decided to ignore the more traditional method of talking to her students and instead opts for the medium of song with the odd rap thrown in for good measure.

Sporting an aquamarine cardigan and a pink skirt decorated with flowers, she looks far from ghetto.

To Fifth Harmony's "Work from Home", she sings, "Ain't gotta worry 'bout nothing, worry about nada. If you're sitting in class paying attention. Put in the hours, get help if you need it."



The song changes, and suddenly the teacher, fleetingly, seems to realise the pan the class is in. But, she's still singing.

"Right now, you definitely thought that this teacher's a little crazy. Right now I'm just hoping that you guys aren't feeling lazy."

And then, one of her most memorable lines.

"Right now, let's talk about social academic integrity, being responsible students." It's beautiful and moving stuff.

The students, many looking on in a mixture of stunned disbelief and horror, are defiantly not ROFL as the eight-minute long performance drags on.

"Oh god," one can be heard whispering.

But this lesson is far from over. Oh no, it's time for Drake's smash hit Hotline Bling to be subtly altered to become an anti-texting anthem called "Your mamma's calling on your cell phone".

Students watched in disbelief as their teacher worked through a range of rap songs. Photo / YouTube
Students watched in disbelief as their teacher worked through a range of rap songs. Photo / YouTube

Then, to round off the experience, the teacher launches into a bit of Carly Rae Jepsen.

"Hey, I just met you, and you think I'm crazy. If you need anything, talk to this lady."

Through admiration, sympathy, or perhaps relief that it's all over, the class break into applause as the show peters out.

The unnamed teacher's singing prowess has been lambasted by some on social media and the original video has now been taken down.

But others have been kinder, commenting that she tried a new way to engage her class and it certainly won't be a class they'll forget.

One thing's for sure, that teacher is whack.

*Mic drop*