According to Reddit users, some trends have simply had their day.

And when it comes to internet threads, the topic of what's cool and what's not sure gets people talking - more than 20,000 Reddit users added their two cents, and while some of the answers may be debatable, others where right on the money. Here are 10 things you may want to distance yourself from, quick smart.

1. Pushing people into swimming pools

While some commenters said the rise of smartphones and personal electronics put an end to it being funny, others said the 'Dad joke' quality makes pushing people into swimming pools ultimately uncool.

2. Upturned collars

"That hasn't been a thing in 15 years", one Reddit user wrote.


Another blamed the fashion faux pas on tardy dressing. "Some of us are just sh***y/sloppy dressers and don't realise it's even popped. Then we walk by our reflection and get embarrassed and wonder how long its been popped."

3. MTV

"How has no one said MTV?", wrote one incredulous commenter. "Definitely MTV."

According to Reddit users, "MTV stopped being cool about 15 years ago."

4. Keep calm and... signs

It was once a common sight on teatowels, posters and coffee mugs everywhere, but the 'keep calm' trend is certainly one that has run its course.

"It was ruined by people misusing it, wrote one Reddit user. "Seeing "Keep calm and Happy Birthday Kaitlyn" on Facebook made me cringe."

5. Describing things as 'the bomb'

While most agreed this one was most definitely out, others said a shortened version was still acceptable.

"'The bomb'" is out . But just 'bomb' is still okay. Like take a bite of a cheeseburger and look at someone and say 'bomb'".

6. Full beards

While some say the beard going mainstream put the hipsters off, others argue the trend is far from over.

"Try heading out to Portland some time, bearded hipsters are still going strong," one commenter wrote.

The jury is out on the manbun, but we're guessing it's had its day too.

7. Limos

"I have a teenager, and I have to say this one shocked me," wrote one parent. "I offered to get her and her friends a limo for Junior Prom last year and was told 'OH GOD NO, nobody uses those anymore!' I was taken aback a bit, because when I had my senior prom in '95 everyone booked them months in advance."

8. Beyblades

Essentially a spinning top you launched by pulling a string, Beyblades are apparently highly collectable these days on Ebay.

As one commeter pointed out, they could always make a comeback as 'Beyblade GO'. Stranger things have happened.

9. Facebook

While it's been embraced by an older generation, others agreed any cool factor that Facebook once had has been diluted by its advertising.

Others said they use now use Facebook as more of an online contact book and event organiser, rather than as a place for connections with people.

According to Reddit users, Facebook's popularity is on a downward slide. Photo / 123rf
According to Reddit users, Facebook's popularity is on a downward slide. Photo / 123rf

10. 'Gritty' movie remakes

This one prompted a big debate, with users pondering everything from the future of Hollywood blockbusters to the golden age of TV.

"How about we remake Bananas in Pajamas but it's a searing investigation of the dark side of prostitution on the wrong side of the fruitbowl?" one user quipped.