Like many natural eaters I avoid V because the last time I looked at it there were too many artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, loads of sugar (16 teaspoons per 500ml) and insignificant amounts of vitamins added. (I reviewed Graphite V Maximum Energy Guarana and Maca).

So I was delighted to find this little box full of natural goodness sitting on my supermarket shelves, because there are occasions when I wouldn't mind a hit of V to perk me up in the afternoon, on the morning after the night before or even during the night before.

V Pure $7 for 4 x 200ml cans

Ingredients (in order of greatest quantity first)

Apple juice


This is reconstituted juice which means it comes in a dehydrated form to the manufacturer who then adds water.

There is no sugar listed as an ingredient, which is great. But you will still get 17.7g of sugar from the juice in each 200ml can. That's just over 4 tsp of sugar, which is less than the Graphite V Maximum Energy I have looked at before.

Sparkling water

This is harmless enough, just some carbonated water.

Lemon juice

Also reconstituted as above.

Guarana seed extract

Guarana is basically caffeine in the form of Brazilian cocoa. There is 320mg of guarana in each 200ml can.


Caffeine from green coffee beans

Caffeine is well known as a stimulant and it takes 25 to 50mg of caffeine for most people to report increased alertness and arousal as well as lower levels of tiredness. You'll get 62mg of caffeine in one 200ml can. For most people 300mg a day is considered okay, but children should not ingest caffeine. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority advises that energy drinks and energy shots containing caffeine are not for children and young teenagers, following completion of a study on caffeine, which found that too much can cause dizziness, rapid heartbeat, irritability, anxiety, tremors and insomnia in children.

Natural V flavour

Hooray for this. Last time I looked at V it contained artificial flavour so it is great that they have found a natural way to replicate this. This drink certainly smelled and tasted like a V drink to me.

My recommendation

Well go for it, and thank you to Frucor who make V for listening to the consumers who, like me, want a more natural alternative to your products.


• All-natural ingredients.
• Enough caffeine for a pick-me-up.
• No artificial colour, flavour or preservative.