A Kiwi man has brought delight to thousands after sharing a video of his impressive proposal to his girlfriend in Australia.

Shanin Proctor, originally from Hastings, documented his declaration of love to his partner of 12 and a half years, Danni.

The footage begins with family and friends helping to set up Shanin's epic proposal, which includes lining their street with candles and dressing the couple's young son in a suit to match his dad's.

Meanwhile, Danni is given an iPad to watch a video message from Shanin, which moves her to tears.


She is then seen following the candlelit path to the couple's home where Shanin is waiting with their son outside the house.

As a teary-eyed Danni steps onto the porch, Shanin tells her: "Twelve and a half years ago ... who would have thought ... I just met a girl I now call my best friend, my rock and the mother of the my child - and most importantly the woman who holds the key to my heart.

"Never has there been a moment in my life that you haven't been there to support me or help me push through any challenges I come across."

Shanin's video has been viewed over 646,000 times and received more than 2.400 comments, many from people admitting the footage moved them to tears.

Facebook user Jordyn Hannah wrote: "I'm balling my eyes out! This was absolutely beautiful! Wish you both a happy long life."